How to take fresh, Blog style images…

I love the fresh, clean look. Greys, whites, silver shades with a splash of colour somewhere…it just works. Sometimes, I like to theme my Instagram feed, and not have a dark image to break up the freshness, but sometimes its needed. 

As I used to work in studios a lot with photography, I loved harsh lighting, I dont know why, I just like the effect of it, and sometimes a hard shadow. Now with my blog and Instagramming, I like natural soft light for food and products, but still like the hard light on a good old hides my blemishes well…and any imperfections. So when it comes to selfie time, my speedlight will come out I use my Canon 580ex II flash, there are so many out there that are cheaper so there’s no need to break the bank. 

With either food, flatlays or any other on-the-table bits and bobs, I will try to shoot this in daylight, making sure the shadowing sits right. With food, it’s usually better to shoot with the light at the front, so you can get nice detailing on it too. Side lit shots also work great, it shows depth but still great detail. 

flatlays work great shot right near a window, so the light is mainly above the lay.. I try to have my camera settings on ISO 100, my shutter speed set between 1/80 – 1/125 depending on natural light and how steady my hand is on that day… Then the rest is based mainly on what lens you are using. I use my Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens, which can usually be found on EBay for around £50-£90…

So with my prime, I will shoot between 1.8-2.8 to get a nice depth in the image and a sharp, crisp focus. 
As my camera doesn’t boast a WiFi function, sometimes I will use my phone to do simple shots for Instagram, I have a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 

Editing’s great, especially if lighting or croppings been a struggle…

My top editing apps available on Android/IOS –

  2. Afterlight
  3. Moldiv
  4. Facetune
  5. Photo Director
  6. Word Swag (for adding lettering) 
  7. BABYPICS (also for lettering) 

VSCOCAM has amazing filters, easy to create an Instagram theme with, really goit editing tools too…

Afterlight is also a great editing app, but I love this because you can add flame and flares like in the image below…Which has also been flipped using Moldiv as I can only take photographs on the one side of my face, its good to mix it up a little bit. .

Obviously if you’re more advanced, Photoshop and lightroom are great, but not easily uploadable for blogging and uploading to social media. 

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