How I Would Plan My Wedding…

This is not just a boring story of how I would actually plan my wedding day, but after working on so many weddings, I’ve definitely seen some do’s and dont’s of the wedding industry.


I would make sure that every professional that had been booked, had a contract in place which includes times of arrival and leaving. I’ve been to a couple of weddings now, where someone has left before they were meant to. Contracts are also important as they give you and the professional legal back ups in the event that you may want to request a refund, or you would like to question their professionalism.

The Venue

When booking your venue, especially in a British summer, make sure the inside is just as lovely as the outside. This won’t affect your photography as such, but may affect your overall mood on the day. You may feel underwhelmed, and this is what will definitely show in your photos. So if I looked at a wedding venue in the British Summertime, I’d look forward to an inside wedding, and an outdoor wedding day would then become an added bonus on the day.

Team Reviews

Always check the reviews on the venues staff. Check how many weddings they have experience in working on. They may be amazing selling you the wedding at their venue, but make sure that they keep in touch regularly, and are up to date with all of your wedding day plans. Things can be easily missed out, and for the expense of a wedding day, you can’t afford for one minor hiccup to hinder the whole day.

Mobile Phones

Now this ones a bit of a taboo. As much as you want your guests to have a relaxing day, and you want them to feel free to photograph your special moments. You also don’t want your final ‘walking down the aisle’ professional photo to have ten mobile phones down the aisle with you. From a photographers point of view, As lovely as the photo is, I wouldn’t upload a picture to social media if it has a mobile phone in it, it just looks awful! You want to see people applauding your marriage, cheering and smiling, and not concentrating on taking a picture that you’ve paid a photographer to take.

The best way to approach this politely is to add a sign on the day, or ask the registrar/humanist to just mention before your ceremony that there is a professional photographer and to refrain from taking photographs until after the ceremony.


Another thing about those important aisle photos, is if you invite children, which 97% of weddings do, then you’re going to have a pushchair in your aisle shots. There is usually room at the back of the room for any pushchairs. Maybe a sign for this would be useful.

I think I’ve pointed out my main pointers from a photographers point of view. Also when it comes to formal photos, those mantelpiece shots, I’d advise to have the ‘Bride and Groom’ shots a little later on towards early evening when the sun is lower. This will stop the squintage, the frowns and the harsh sunlight and awkward shadows.

My Perfect Wedding

So, finally… my perfect wedding…

Would be far away from home, on a beach or in a cove, with either fresh, white sand or surrounded by rocks. I’m in to all of this green foliage, nudes and corals, whites and ivories.

My dress would be a long, sleek and elegant number, very minimal, off the shoulder, backless and with a medium length train. I’d have no bridesmaids or maid of honour, just my daughter as my flower girl and my son as my page boy. It would be a relaxed day, with a meal in a champagne bar on a cliff side or a bbq on a beach. My perfect end to the evening would be to dance around a fire on a beach while a band play, but I can only dream, as I don’t even know if that’s legal.

I’d also have a donkey or alpaca to walk me down the aisle… I’ve seen these and they’re damn cute!

So that’s it, a few tips on how to keep the wedding day stress to a low, and a little footstep in to my sandy beach dream wedding…


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