When I’m Not Behind My Blog…

I’m behind my camera… Or ‘Mumming’..


As a full time photographer, it doesn’t give me that much time to do other things I love. I’m lucky that blogging includes photography, I’m doing all the things I love!

I shoot thing from products to babies, from weddings to randoms off the telly…

I’m thinking about jumping in to shooting more celebrity style stuff throughout 2017, meeting and shooting celebs, having a chat and finding out what styles they love with a more personal approach, finding out what brands they love, and what they love to wear. Yeah, magazines do this every day, but they’re more than likely making some sort of commission from the brand too to advertise. I want a more personal view.


When I’m not behind my blog, I’m also being mum to two, well, three if you include my cat 😉


Any mum will know, that ‘mumming’ over Christmas is a busy job, all of the crafting, wrapping without them seeing, occupying them while they’re not at school, trying your best to keep Christmas as magical as what your own parents did for you. I’m determined to keep them believing until they’re 20, haha!

I’ll be doing a full post on what I want to happen in 2017, career, style and life-wise. I’ve already set my goals, now I just must achieve them.


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